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Marisa Renee Brown

High School Experience: Hinkley High School


Each of the following lesson plans includes:

  • objectives that are aligned to Colorado State Visual Arts Standards

  • lesson elements aligned with the IB MYP Arts Guide & Hinkley High School requirements

  • procedures with opportunities to access the materials in multiple modalities

  • transferrable concepts and enduring understandings

  • differentiation and extension in the form of accommodations and modifications

  • literacy, numeracy, and technology integration

  • formative and summative assessments

Photo 1: Humans of Hinkley Lesson
In the first lesson of the Photo 1 Perspective Unit, students participated in a community-based project inspired by the Humans of New York series by Brandon Stanton. Students began by investigating the effects of perspective on expression by photographing subject matter of their choice three angles: eye-level, from the hip, and foot-level. Then, students became familiar with Humans of New York by analyzing a photograph and quote of their choice. Students examined the photos for angles, body language, and composition and then made connections to the information learned from the accompanying quote. From there, students planned for  their own images and got permission to interview and photograph a human from Hinkley High School (student, teacher, staff, etc). After creating a 35 mm or digital negative of their subject, students printed their images at 8 x 10 inches in the darkroom and mounted them with a selected quote from their interview. After printing their pictures, students reflected on their creative process by discussing angle and composition choices by writing an artist statement. 
Design: Observation Drawings
In this lesson, students investigated their own interests in genre and expression by creating observations drawings of a still-life, portrait, or landscape of their choice. Students investigated the work of Photorealistic artists like Jose Higuera and drew conclusions about the characteristics and purpose of the movement. Then, students writing an artist critique about how an artwork is a successful example of Photorealism. Then, students brainstormed their subject-matter and utilized technology to research and submit an image for printing. Before students began their final artworks they practiced value, texture, and graphite techniques, created preliminary grid drawings, and devised methods for displaying texture by drafting small samples. The final drawings were executed using rulers, drawings pencils, and blending stumps. Students used the grid method to replicate proportions accurately and graphite drawing techniques to build value and texture. After completing their final drawings, students finished them for display and reflected on their creative process and artistic choices by writing an artist statement. 


Advanced Photography: Shutter Speed
For the Exposure Triangle Unit of Advanced Photography, the students explored all three aspects of exposure - aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Students investigated exposure and shutter speed by reading and annotating an article, viewing an analyzing images, and engaging in review activities. Then, students utilized digital cameras on manual or shutter speed priority mode to create balanced exposures. Each student shot three practice images at a fast, medium, and slow shutter speed and compared their visual effects on the photos. Then, students formulated a plan for three photos at different shutter speeds that display their hobbies or interests. After planning, students prepped and executed their final photos in small groups. At the conclusion of the project, students reflected on their creative process, artistic decisions, and future applications for shutter speed by writing an artist reflection.
Left: Students collaborating to break balloons and shoot images with short shutters speeds to freeze motion for their practice assignment.
Right: Students collaborating to pour water and shoot images with medium shutters speeds to blur motion for their practice assignment..
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