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Marisa Renee Brown

Middle School Experience: Preston Middle School


Each of the following lesson plans includes:

  • objectives that are aligned to Colorado State Visual Arts Standards.

  • procedures with opportunities to access the materials in multiple modalities

  • transferrable concepts and enduring understandings

  • differentiation and extension in the form of accommodations and modifications

  • literacy, numeracy, and technology integration

  • formative and summative assessments

Photo 1: Angles Lesson
In the first lesson of Photo 1, students investigated the effects of perspective on expression by photographing subject matter of their choice three angles: eye-level, from the hip, and foot-level. Before beginning the assignment, students answered guiding questions to brainstorm subjects and angles. Students then edited their images in Adobe Photoshop CC. From their files, students created a digital print and a digital negative on transparency film. After exploring the art historical uses of digital negatives, the transparency was taken into the darkroom and printed using traditional processes. After printing their pictures, students reflected on their creative process and compositional choices by writing an artist statement. 
Art 1: Mandalas About Me
In this lesson, students investigated their own interests and characteristics by creating a mandala with symbols relating to their identity. Students discovered the mandalas of Monks from Seraje Monastery, Kathy Klein, and Jennifer Zackinís before exploring radial symmetry kinetically and collaboratively. Then, students brainstormed their symbols and colors by completing graphic organizers. The final designs were executed using compasses, colored pencils, and felt tip pens. After completing their mandalas, students reflected interpersonally, by participating in reflective activity, and intrapersonally, by writing an artist statement. 


Photo 1: Earth Art Photography
To begin this project, students researched and explored the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Kathy Klein. Next, the class went to a nearby park to create and photograph collaborative earth art sculptures. Students discovered the way space determines shape by arranging natural materials. After capturing their images, students edited them with Adobe Photoshop CC and created digital prints. Students defended their artistic choices by writing an artist statement.


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